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Quick tips for standard lock and key problems.

Solve issues by following these excellent locksmith steps.

Replace old keys

If your keys are old and you notice that it is getting difficult to turn locks, then it would be best to replace them. Keys need to have sharp edged teeth so they can move seamlessly between the tumblers in the lock. This in turn helps in opening the lock easily.

Changing safe codes

If you own any safe at home or office, locksmith Santa Clarita technicians advise you to use it daily to get familiar with the code and understand the safe's mechanics. Ensure that the safe is in a location that is hard to find and change the safe codes on a regular basis. This is a very important security measure.

Bathroom lockout solution

When kids are left in the bathroom to bathe on their own, they end up locking themselves. To avoid this, you have to buy small bolt placed higher than the usual so that kids cannot reach it. By then, they won’t experience a lockout situation again.

Don't ignore lock issues

Fix lock problems because they might threaten your security. The smallest issue with the strike plate, the cylinder or even the key might lock you out or keep you from securing your house for the night. Don't take your chances and proceed with lock repair immediately.

Find locks with the best value

Installing locks is not enough. You must also ensure that you are able to find the most appropriate lock for your security needs. Do not settle for cheap locks because they are usually just that – cheap. With your home security on the line, you must invest on the best value, the most fitted locks for your requirements.

Don't let your locks deteriorate

Door locks can deteriorate and weaken over time. At the first sign of excessive wear, have us replace them with higher security keys and locks.

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