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Lock Grading Information

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If you’re having new locks installed in your home, Locksmith Santa Clarita can certainly tell you which ones will be best. With all of the locks we install on a regular basis, you can be sure our team knows which ones work best. The right lock will give you the security that can impact your safety and protect your valuables. Commercial locks have been graded by standards created by the American Nations Standards Institute and Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. The grades come in three ranges, one, two and three. One is the highest grade and the best in functionality and durability.

Lock Grades

Grade 1: It offers the best protection against intrusion and is physically durable and resistant to damage. This type is tested twice as often as the grade two lock. Grade one locks offer additional features, such as, stronger alloys, longer bolts, re-inforced strike plates used with longer screws. Choose one with an ANSI grading listing.

Grade 2: This type must meet certain resistance to fire and physical attacks. Since they require better materials to make them more resistant to these things, they tend to have a higher price tag than a Grade 3. These are considered high-quality locks because of their effectiveness.

Grade 3: This grade is the lowest commercial quality lock offered. They are not required to be resistant to fire, lock picking or against intrusion. This grade is sufficient for homes where there is limited risk of a break-in. Since this grade offers the least amount of features, its price take is usually the most affordable of all three grades.

Getting What You Need

If you want to make sure you have the right level of security for your home, consult with a professionally trained locksmith about the most durable and effective lock options available. Even though you may be familiar with the various types of locks offered, it is unlikely that you know the lock grade. If you are not familiar with the lock grade, it may prove beneficial for you to ask before having the lock installed.

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